Mile End Park

Wind Turbine
Off to the East End via the 277 bus from Highbury Corner to photograph the wind turbine outside the Ecology Pavilion in Mile End Park with Canary Wharf in the background. The 79 acre park was established on waste land around the end of the last century and is bordered by the Regent’s Canal to the west with the Hertford Union Canal to the north.

The Eco Pavilion overlooking the nature park is an earth sheltered building sustainably built with a reed fringed lake in front. Unfortunately I've never seen this resource open and it appears to be used mainly for weddings and other private hires rather that its original purpose.

The abundance of water around the park is a great asset for wildlife and I was amazed to see a flash of blue which turned into a Kingfisher on the decking around the lake followed quickly by a second bird. I wondered if they were looking for somewhere to breed. They appeared quite unafraid. At the same time I heard a Wren calling and later saw it in one of the trees nearby. A little further east I spotted a pair of Grey Wagtails by the side of a second lake. I added Robin and Starling to the list with Mallard, Moorhen and Coot on the lake. Earlier I’d heard a Woodpecker drumming in Victoria Park just to the north. Lastly, south of the Green Bridge and close to Burdett Road a pair of long tailed tits, little bundles of fluff fluttering in the breeze each with a feather in its mouth headed towards a tree next to the path. Could they possibly be making a nest there? A pretty sight in the late afternoon sunshine..